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Lycia Francais

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Lycia is doing Relay in Dublin.

Relay is a ten-month programme run by UCCF, a charity which aims to give every student in Great Britain an opportunity to hear and respond to the good news about Jesus Christ.

Relay Workers equip, resource and encourage student Christian Unions whilst being discipled and trained by a member of UCCF staff.

Lycia says...

I'll be working mainly in University College Dublin with a focus on international students. Despite the troubled circumstances of the year, many internationals did move to Ireland to study and they are more isolated than ever on the (mostly) empty campus.
I am really excited to build relationships with internationals and show them God's love and hope in these times where they are away from home.
Please do not hesitate to contact me to learn more about student ministry in Dublin or to receive my newsletter!

Can you support Lycia?

It costs on average £7,000–10,000 to cover the living and ministry expenses of a Relay Worker.

Having a team of people who partner financially and in prayer with Relay Workers means that they can:

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Pray for Lycia

Prayer is a vital part of supporting Lycia’s work with Christian Unions. You can sign up for regular updates using the form below. Here are some prayer points from Lycia:

- Pray for internationals, that some may be integrated quickly in the Christian Union group and get to know some Irish Christian students.
- Pray for the committee in UCD planning small groups and events in covid times- not the easiest!
- Pray that by the end of the semester/year, Christian Unions Ireland staff and students will be encouraged by what the Lord will have done and how He will have grown us together because I strongly believe and can already see that the Lord is powerfully at work!
Be blessed!


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It costs on average £7,000–10,000 to cover the living and ministry expenses of a Relay Worker.

Relay Workers are supported entirely by partnering with personal supporters, who will pray for them and give financially to enable their work. Thank you so much for considering partnering with Lycia in the coming year.

Before you give, you should know that:

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