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Nyameye Otoo

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Nyameye is doing Relay in Aberdeen, supporting the Christian Union in the University of Aberdeen.

Relay is a ten-month programme run by UCCF, a charity which aims to give every student in Great Britain an opportunity to hear and respond to the good news about Jesus Christ.

Relay Workers equip, resource and encourage student Christian Unions whilst being discipled and trained by a member of UCCF staff.

Nyameye says...

Over the next year, I'll be supporting and working alongside the University of Aberdeen's Christian Union as part of the UCCF Relay Programme. I'm massively looking forward to meeting the unique and diverse range of students there, and supporting them in any way I can for them to achieve their goal! In addition to this, the discipleship and training I will receive is also something I am eagerly anticipating, in order to build me up both physically and spiritually to be able to serve the Christian Union.

Just like the rest of us, I'm by no means perfect and very aware I'm in need of support! I'll be trusting and praying for God to work through me so I can best make use of the opportunities given to me, and would really appreciate it if each of you could take the time to remember me in your own prayers. Please pray that I can serve the Christian Union, and also non-Christians, as best as I can with as Christ-like a character as possible.

In addition to spiritual support, I'm also dependent on financial support throughout the year. This support will be used to cover various costs such as living, ministry and travel costs, and I would massively appreciate it if you are willing to contribute! If you would like to support me in this way, or find out a little more prior to doing this, please don't hesitate to get in contact!

Can you support Nyameye?

It costs on average £7,000–10,000 to cover the living and ministry expenses of a Relay Worker.

Having a team of people who partner financially and in prayer with Relay Workers means that they can:

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Pray for Nyameye

Prayer is a vital part of supporting Nyameye’s work with Christian Unions. You can sign up for regular updates using the form below. Here are some prayer points from Nyameye:

To not rely on my own strength, but fully trust in God.

To be organised and make good use of the time God has given me.

To be able to faithfully communicate God's words to those around me.


Give to Nyameye

It costs on average £7,000–10,000 to cover the living and ministry expenses of a Relay Worker.

Relay Workers are supported entirely by partnering with personal supporters, who will pray for them and give financially to enable their work. Thank you so much for considering partnering with Nyameye in the coming year.

Before you give, you should know that:

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